Bay Reef Pools, LLC offers a wide range of residential and commercial pool services.  If you have a need for any service you don’t see on our website, please contact us and let us  know your request.  We are a complete, full service, pool maintenance company.


Bay Reef Pools, LLC understands the importance of keeping your pool pristine.  We offer a complete list of services, including checking the chemicals, inspecting all of the pool equipment, and cleaning the pool.


If your pool water has been sitting still in your backyard, don’t worry about it.  We can take your water from green to a crystal clear.  We can rehabilitate your pool water into sparkling clean water, and have swimmers in the pool in just a few days.


Bay Reef Pools, LLC knows that establishing your pool at the initial startup is a big job, but we are ready to do it.  Let us monitor the process, and make sure that your pool begins with all of the correct levels.


We know that buying a home with a pool can mean not being sure if the pool has been taken care of by the previous owners.  Broken pumps, unbalanced chemical levels, and other issues can be costly and time-consuming to solve. However, with a pool inspection from Bay Reef Pools, LLC, you’ll be able to know about any potential issues with your new home’s pool before you sign any papers!


Bay Reef Pools, LLC offers a complete line of Pool Equipment to keep your pool crystal clear.  Look over the complete line of brands and products that we recommend.