Bay Reef Pools, LLC knows that establishing your pool at the initial startup is a big job, but we are ready to do it.  Let us monitor the process, and make sure that your pool begins with all of the correct levels.


As a new pool owner, you need to understand the steps and timeframe of starting up a new pool. While it’s tempting to dive into your swimming pool the minute it’s finished, you have to ensure the water is safe for swimming and that the plaster is cured without issues.


When plastering (or replastering) has been completed and the plastering crew has given the green light, it’s time to fill your pool with water. It is crucial to fill it at a constant pace without ceasing until the water level reaches the top tiles or the pool skimmer. Doing so is necessary to avoid cracks and stains in the plaster. Use multiple hoses, if possible, to decrease the time it takes to fill the pool.


Once the pool is filled with water, the filtration system must run continuously for the next 72 hours. The filtration system is necessary to begin cleaning the water in preparation for the chemicals that will be added to it once it is ready for balancing. During this period, it should be manually cleaned for larger debris to help the filtration system during this step.


Chlorine is added to the pool. Chlorine is a sanitizer that eradicates any disease-causing bacteria, possible algae growth, and other germs that make the water unsafe for human use. Algaecide is used to kill off any algae matter, and stabilizer to protect the chlorine in your pool from being destroyed by UV rays.